The President's Message, December 2019

The Christmas rush has subsided and as the look ahead to 2020 looms ever closer it is a good time to take stock of what we have in life and to be thankful and eager to face the new year.  

As amateur radio operators we all have a responsibility to help our respective communities whenever possible. Look ahead to the planned events in your area and let it be known to those in charge that you can help with communications if needed. Sometimes our event planners are unaware that radio operators can be useful during various events and it is good policy to explain to them what that usefulness could be for their event.  Larry, KN4OYB and Jennifer, KN4UEJ have been checking antenna performance and signal dispersal in our county for MESH networking

Jennifer, KN4UEJ and Larry, KN4OYB (pictured on the right) have been checking antenna performance and signal dispersal in our county for MESH networking. Larry will be testing various locations for signal strength and Jack, KE4LWT will be setting up a MESH node at his home to facilitate this aspect of the hobby.  Thank you all for your help in setting this up. 

Also, a thank you to Jim, WA4TVN for his enthusiasm concerning the 1.25 meter band. His interest is catching and several of us are now using this unique niche band. Give it a try and have some fun, there is probably a repeater in your area and if not get together with some friends, or a club and set one up.  

We have the worst part of winter to go so be ready for any emergency by checking your Ham gear and battery backup systems. Those amateur radio operators who live in Virginia may want to participate in an emergency exercise named, Project Grid Failure, coming up on Jan 18th. More information can be found by clicking this link: Project Grid Failure.

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Happy New Year, be well and enjoy. 


Bill, K4FZE