The President's Message,   May 2019



This past week several members of the Club took advantage of our Special Use Shenandoah National Park permit and went up to the park for some transmitting fun.  Weather conditions weren’t too bad for late April, but it was windy and a bit cool.


I used my “Field HF” radio an older Kenwood TS-140s with a TW 2010 portable antenna. HF conditions were less than we were hoping for, but we managed to make several contacts.


One of our club members, Larry, K4LRM brought his pickup truck with a homebrewed mount in the bed for his dipole antenna made from two “Ham stick” antennas. See pictures.

One of the fun aspects of this hobby is being able to solve problems and apply them in the field. Everyone has a different slant on how to accomplish the same task so there is never an end to the ingenuity we all see.

Mini Field Day with K4LRM, K4FZE, and WA4MBS

 (note: From K4EBS, webmaster. The photos courtesy KN4AOB, Steve. Thank you Steve.)


ARRL Field Day is rapidly approaching and our club has all the necessary aspects of the event covered. Once again, we will be working on battery power this year and for those of us who man the late shift hours the silence of batteries is a welcomed one.


We hope to make contact with you at the end of June.




This past year has been challenging to say the least with rainfall occurring often. I encourage all of you to attend a SKYWARN seminar and get certified to help out. The scheduled classes are completed for this spring but will be offered once again in the fall. There is no fee for these certification classes.

Go to this website for more information;

  (note: From K4EBS, webmaster. The photo courtesy K4FZE, Bill. Thank you.)



Until next time stay safe, stay prepared. 



Bill, K4FZE