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Who are we and why do we exist?
Greene County Virginia Amateur Radio Club (GCVARC) is an ARRL Affiliated Club. Our purpose is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fellowship, and individual operating efficiency, and to so conduct our programs, training, and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in our community and the world.  All persons interested in Amateur Radio communications are eligible for membership.

When do we meet?
Please join us. We meet the 1st Thursday each month, 6:00 PM at The Blue Ridge Cafe, Ruckersville, VA. Visitors welcome. If there are events impacting the meeting schedule, you will see a notice in the banner.
How do I Contact the GCVARC?

Radio: Repeaters: 145.470 MHz  151.4, neg offset & 443.900 MHz 151.4, pos offset, & Simplex: 146.580 MHz

Email: contactus@gcvarc.org

USPS: GCVARC, PO Box 463, Ruckersville, VA 22968

Who is online

The President's Message    November, 2017 

This past Saturday three club members and myself went to the Shenandoah National Park for the final time this year for one of our “Mini Field Day” outings. We were operating portable stations with battery power using two homebrew antennae and my store bought model TW10-20. We were at an altitude of approximately 2,500 ft.

master 5

The temperature was 22 degrees when we arrived at 9:45 AM with no wind which allowed us to set up and operate in relative comfort. Several contacts were made on HF including stations in Wichita, Kansas and North Port, Florida. Local contacts were also made on 2 meters both on simplex at 20-25 miles away and by repeater. 

Lots of fun for the few hours we were there. We will be doing the same next year and we will post the days of operation and start frequencies in the event any of you would like to contact us.

The winter weather is closing in on us fast so be sure to have your “Backup kits” ready and batteries charged in the event of storm related power outages. We like to stress the idea of being proactive rather than reactive to these kinds of situations. The Scouts have the right idea, “Be prepared”.

The Club’s website has a link to check the weather conditions in your area (beneath the Login Block) or Click Here.

Member Jack, KE4LWT is still deployed with FEMA in Puerto Rico helping out with the herculean task of rebuilding infrastructure in that area.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, be well and enjoy.


Bill, K4FZE

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