2. The  Thursday April 2 meeting has been canceled.  

Please check our GCVARC Calendar for subsequent updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


The President's Message, February and March 2020

The past few months here in central Virginia have been relatively mild, weather wise and it looks to be an early spring based on the activity of the “Spring peeper” frogs chirping away in choral fashion each evening.

With this weather change will be tumultuous spring storms can be expected so be sure your to-go boxes are well stocked, batteries charged and antennae are at the ready. Unfortunately, our fellow citizens in Tennessee have already experienced devastation from tornadoes. So be on guard at all times. 

Our Club’s VE sessions have been going exceedingly well with our last session being the largest we have had to date. Thanks to our VE coordinator Jeff, K4XI for his diligence and preparedness. It is a pleasure to see so many new Amateur Radio licensees coming on board to help our nation and communities as well as having fun with the hobby. Note: The VE EXAM SESSION for 04-18-2020 has been canceled. 

Our club once again, is preparing for Field Day 2020 and we hope our small club can man the radio for the full 24 hours once again. We will be working from battery power only, for the third year using our tried and true Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries which seem to go on and on. 

The Club has also applied for a special use permit from the Shenandoah National Park so we can have multiple “Mini Filed Days” throughout the spring, summer and fall. Watch this website for dates, starting times and starting frequencies. 

Club member Jim, KN4TVN came up with the idea of a nightly “Wellness check in” on our local repeater so tonight we had 9 check ins with everybody doing well. This is a great idea especially for those amateurs who live alone and may need assistance. We will be doing this nightly for the foreseeable future at 7 PM on our local repeater, 145.470 negative offset and PL tone of 151.4 owned and maintained by Elmer, KF4UCI. 

Remember you can not catch the Corona Virus from radio transmissions. 

Until next time be well and enjoy.


Bill, K4FZE