The President's Message, November 2019

November is a month containing Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Here in the U.S.A. we have a lot to be thankful for so reflect on your blessings.

SKWARNThis month is also one of those transition months with all kinds of weather patterns coming across the continental United States. High winds swept through central Virginia last night bringing in a cold front from the northwest. No damage reported locally but it is always good to perform a “Walk-a-round” visual check of our dwellings to make sure all is in order especially our outdoor antennae.  

I encourage you to take a Skywarn course and be a local weather spotter for your community. Doing so could save lives. More information can be found at


Our club continues to grow at almost every meeting and one of our newer members WA4TVN Jim, has gotten a lot of fun out of utilizing the 220 MHz band, (1.25 m). In fact, his enthusiasm is catching as I too have started to work the local repeater. Yesterday, I built a copper pipe J-pole antenna which I will display and show the procedure for its construction sometime in the next week or so. Please, check our projects section of the website to view it and the plans.


Until next month, be well and enjoy.