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The President's Message…November 2016 
The leaves are turning color and beginning to fall as the temperature drops; it’s that time of year once again. Amateur radio operators will be checking over their equipment and backup power sources for the winter months in the event they are needed to help out during a storm or other emergency situation. Be sure to check your shack before it’s needed.
Our last VE testing session produced 6 new licensed operators as well as the club’s youngest member.
Our last VE testing session produced 6 new licensed operators including the club’s youngest member. Special congratulations to Amy Genz KM4YRP daughter of Brady, KM4TKU and brother of Tim, KM4TKV. Well done. What a great hobby for a family to enjoy.

Special thanks to our VE testing team: Sid WA4MBS, Bill K4FZE, Jeff N4XI, Bryan K4BRY, Bill K4OOO, Stefan K0STP, and John K4MYR.

The club has decided to pursue the purchase and construction of a local “Simplex repeater” to service this area. This activity is in the research stage but the group is excited about the possibility of stretching our simplex signals. We will keep you posted as this activity develops.

There will not be a business meeting for the month of December as we use that time for our annual social dinner for members and spouses. Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Thursday January 5, 2017 so please join us.

As some of you already know the club is enjoying our “Ragchew Net” Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM on 145.580 MHz. We are all sharing our radio skills concerning topics such as antenna building, station operation, station setup, operating practices, project ideas, and more in a relaxed somewhat informal friendly get-together. The schedule is on our website calendar. Also, included are schedules of other nets on other bands you may be interested in. If you don’t see your favorite net listed, let John, K4EBS know and he will post it on the calendar.
There is a new addition to our website namely a link entitled “Ham ‘Stuff’ For Sale”, where you can list items you may have to sell.(You can also click on the image).
There is a new addition to our website namely a link entitled “Ham ‘Stuff’ For Sale”You must be a registered member to view these items. If you have Ham related item(s) for sale (or want an item) notify John, K4EBS. Please, identify and describe each item you wish to sell, its price, and contact information. Include a high-res well-lit picture of the item (s). (Bill K4OOO suggested this idea - if YOU have any suggestions or ideas for our website, please let John Underwood know.

Please be reminded that January is renewal month for your club membership. The January 5th’s meeting will be an opportunity to “re-up” your annual GCVARC membership. If you are interested in joining the ARRL membership (first time or renew) our club is financially benefits from such a membership. Please, contact John K4EBS regarding ARRL membership.
May your signals all be 5 by 9.




Who are we and why do we exist?
Greene County Virginia Amateur Radio Club (GCVARC) is an ARRL Affiliated Club. Our purpose is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fellowship, and individual operating efficiency, and to so conduct our programs, training, and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in our community and the world.  All persons interested in Amateur Radio communications are eligible for membership.

When do we meet?
Please join us. We meet the 1st Thursday each month, 6:00 PM at The Blue Ridge Cafe, Ruckersville, VA. Visitors welcome. If there are events impacting the meeting schedule, you will see a notice in the banner.
How do I Contact the GCVARC?

Radio: Repeaters: 145.470 MHz  151.4, neg offset & 443.900 MHz 151.4, pos offset, & Simplex: 146.580 MHz

Email: contactus@gcvarc.org

USPS: GCVARC, PO Box 463, Ruckersville, VA 22968


 How can I become a member of the GCVARC?
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